Find out
how the Planet
On Stage website
is eco-designed!


Interface design

The website was designed by studio dazd, which specialises in eco-friendly graphic design. The graphic identity developed, as well as the designated interface, has been designed with sobriety in mind, with restricted graphic choices, a simple content structure, reasoned use of images and the absence of videos.


The front-end development of the site is carried out in HTML / CSS and native javascript. No framework is used to ensure low technical debt. All the necessary interactions are custom-developed. The webfonts are self-hosted to ensure continuity of service. The site is built using the Kirby CMS, a solution that consumes fewer resources than a traditional CMS without a database. This translates into increased speed, fewer server requests and reduced energy consumption, all important aspects in the eco-design of a website. Kirby provides total control over the code. This avoids unnecessary functionalities that weigh down the site, increase loading times and energy consumption.

Website hosting

The Planet On Stage website is hosted by Infomaniak, the leader in sustainable and responsible hosting, which has been committed for several years:
- Offset 200% of the CO2 emissions generated by the company
- Do everything possible to reduce and optimise energy consumption
- Using 100% of its electricity exclusively from renewable sources (60% from hydropower and 40% from renewable sources)
- Integrating its electrical generators into the Swissgrid regulation market
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The Planet On Stage site is rated B on all its pages by the Eco-index calculator developed by Green IT. The site's pages weigh between 300 and 900 Kb. Usually, a similar site weighs around 2 MB.