climate change
in record time !


Why a Climate Pitch?

The Climate Pitch has been designed to enable as many people as possible to :

  • … Quickly and simply understand the key messages related to climate change

  • ... Respond positively

  • ... By motivating to engage on a personal, professional and collective level.

An experience open to all, designed to give people the impetus to take action and strengthen their commitment.

The Climate Pitch can be hosted in French, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

A big drawing to explain everything


Accessible content to motivate

Based on the IPCC report

The Climate Pitch uses the facts and figures from the latest IPCC AR6 report published between 2021 and 2023 (summary of the reports).

Reconnecting with our role

The conference allows everyone to better understand the importance of reconnecting with our emotions and how to bounce back while having an impact.

Understanding orders of magnitude

Every action counts! Hence the importance of understanding the orders of magnitude and leaving the conference equipped with actions that will make a difference.

How does a Climate Pitch conference run?

1. Understanding

The presenters go through a large drawing in interactive storytelling mode to explain the causes and consequences of climate change.

©Naomi Koji - Paton [Event - Method Agency 2024]
2. Reconnecting

Participants can discuss their emotions, better understand them and their individual and collective role.

©Caroline Tansley [Student Online Event - Reboot! 2022]
3. Taking action!

The presenters will explain the key actions with the most impact and clarify the orders of magnitude to bear in mind.

©Aude Grasset [Students' session - Paris Dauphine London]
4. A time for discussion

This moment is essential to allow participants to ask questions and discuss with the presenters or other speakers involved.

What our participants say…