the impact
of digital technologies
the environment
and on our life !


Why a Digital Impact Pitch?

The Digital Pitch has been designed to enable as many people as possible to :
... Discover, in a synthetic way, the hidden side of using digital technologies,
... Understand our role,
... And the levers for action towards a more responsible digital world.

An experience open to all, to give the impetus to act and strengthen our commitment.

The Digital Impact Pitch can be hosted in French and English.

A big drawing to explain everything


Accessible content to motivate

Understand trends

Beyond exact figures, the Digital Impact Pitch focuses on trends and orders of magnitude based on sources from recognised institutes such as ADEME, The Shift Project, the IPCC report, etc.

Virtuality & Materiality

One of the main messages of the conference covers the importance of understanding the link between our so-called “virtual” activities and their associated “material” impact.

Towards responsible digital

One of the main objectives of the conference is to convey a better understanding around responsible practices at the individual and collective / company level.

How does a Digital Impact Pitch run?

©Naomi Koji - Paton [Method Agency 2024]
1. Discover

The presenters walk through a large drawing in interactive storytelling mode to reveal the ecological and societal footprint linked to digital technology

©Naomi Koji - Paton [Method Agency 2024]
2. Understand our role

A moment of exchange and transition to better understand the importance of our role.

Extract from the Digital Impact Pitch presentation
3. Take action!

This part covers key responsible practices at the individual and collective/company level.

©Naomi Koji - Paton [Method Agency 2024]
4. A time for discussion

This moment is essential to allow participants to ask questions and discuss with the presenters or other speakers involved.

What our participants say…