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The Cofounders

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Sandra Sydow

President & Founder YNOTNOW (UK)

An international leader in communications for over 20 years, I decided in 2019 to put my skills to good use on missions with a positive impact by creating my own business to support companies in their transition and also this organisation. Co-creator and trainer of the Climate and Digital Impact Pitches, I also offer keynote conferences. As co-founder of Planet On Stage, I am convinced that raising awareness to as many people as possible will be achieved by making these subjects, which are often too complex, ultra accessible to enable an engaging emotional trigger. Positive inspiration ultimately remains the major key for everyone to take action.

Frédéric Aubert

Treasurer & Founder Projet Candide (France)

After having been in contact for more than 10 years with companies of all types as Associate Director of an events agency specializing in corporate Team Building, I am passionate about the subject of climate change and founded my consulting company. I am a facilitator and trainer of the Climate Fresk and a member of the Shifters. With a commercial background, I am convinced that the ecological transition is a profoundly human subject: it requires both knowledge and motivation.

Board of Directors


Marie Queneuille

Founder CHANGESthatMATTER (Allemagne) | Sustainability Change Maker | CSRD | Keynote Speaker

“Because we need everyone to address the challenges of the various environmental crises we face, Planet On Stage was the perfect organisation for me to get involved with. The pitch format enables short but highly engaging keynotes to raise awareness and empower individuals at scale, accelerating our collective transformation towards a sustainable world we can be proud of!”


Xavier Criel

Business Agility Expert Leading Sustainability & Resilience Transformation | EU Climate Pact Ambassador (Belgium)

“Time is running out and the sense of urgency on the planetary crisis is low. The pitches from Planet On Stage (POS) are a great tool to raise awareness on a large scale using visual storytelling. I want to bring my expertise in building methodologies and help POS scale with impact.”


Paul Vergnot

Climate Education | Project Manager PMP® in Telecom & IT | Regenerative Agriculture (France)

“When I’m on stage, I can see the power of Pitches in engaging and inspiring our audience into their ecological journey! At Planet On Stage, my role is to multiply that impact by implementing new pathways to train incredible Pitchers!“


Aude Grasset

Founder Uncle Sustainability | Sustainability Consultant | Climate Change & Sustainability Lecturer | Board Member | B Leader (UK)

“Addressing the climate crisis begins with comprehensive climate education, and Planet On Stage (POS) interactive conferences are excellent for widespread awareness through visual storytelling. POS’ various Pitches effectively engage audiences, making complex information more accessible and impactful.”


Thomas Nicol

Trainer, speaker and consulting engineer | Themes energy - climate - biodiversity - circular economy, ecological and social transitions (France)

“Planet On Stage's interactive pitches make a great impact on its audiences, because it combines oratory skills, various interactions with the participants and fluidity from the drawing in order to explore complex but nonetheless necessary topics to the ecological and social transition. I had the chance to experience it as a participant, also while training to become a pitcher, and finally performing it in front of my audiences, and it gave me the extra energy and conviction to support the project with my contribution to the board now."


Why support us?

Our non-profit organisation today is mainly financed by our public speaking training, the license paid by our Pitchers for their professional conferences and your donations. In order to be able to develop more quickly and widely, each donation counts to cover projects that we cannot currently finance and which are important to us in the deployment of our international mission.

@Abdulmajid Abubakar, Climate Pitcher in Nigeria
@Abdulmajid Abubakar, Climate Pitcher in Nigeria

Here are some examples:

.... Support the training and integration of speakers based in countries affected by climate change such as Nigeria and Pakistan.

... Work on the development and deployment of new conferences such as biodiversity, planetary boundaries etc...

... The even quicker deployment of our existing conferences and to an even larger scale (participation in major events, communication etc...)